Cladding Cleaning Warehouses and Distribution Facilities

Welcome to SkyClean UK Ltd., we are experts in warehouse and building cleaning. Cladding cleaning is essential to maintain the quality of the façade profiles, such as trapezoidal profiles and sandwich panels. By cleaning the cladding profiles regularly both esthetical (gleam and colour) and technical characteristics are preserved for a longer time. 

Industrial and logistic premises are characterized by size and complexity. For that reason SkyClean has especially developed innovative cleaning systems to be able to execute large-scale cleaning processes in a quick, safe and environmentally responsible way. The machinery consists of remote controlled brushes which are positioned against the cladding by means of a mobile crane. Depending on the type of façade and the extent of pollution, cleaning and preservation products are applied on the façade during the cleaning process. This unique working method enables us to clean and preserve every kind of cladding, irrespective of height and accessibility, while observing the highest quality standards.

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